A private platform for managing employees and sales

The challenge

You take on a big responsibility when you design and develop a platform for a company with hundreds of employees, especially if they want a fast and unique design to manage sales and employees as well as keep employees connected. It was a challenging project, and we had a great time working with Tradis.

Mobile friendly

Since we care about the employees, we made it mobile-friendly through an app so they can access the platform at any time and place.

A simple authentication with a dark mode toggle button for better accessibility

Everything is designed and organized to be easy to access and navigate.

The platform is equipped with all the features and tools that the employees need to do anything

An entirely new experience, as well as a time saver

We did a great job in gathering all the informations from the stakeholders, conducting interviews with employees to design a UI with an excellent experience, to develop the final product.

The platform features include employees, orders and tasks  management, and a feature that facilitates the employees communication.

The platform comes with a sidebar to simplify navigation and a clean search bar at the top. Dark mode is also included everywhere

The goal of the project was to create a simple, easy to-use UI, which gives a good experience.

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