VPN App that helps you connect to different servers

The challenge

Designing a mobile app that will target millions of users and dealing with servers is a really big responsibility. The user wants the UI to be simple and have a clear flow that will make him navigate through the app smoothly, Our team worked with DeerVPN to find the best solutions to their needs and always keep the users feel comfortable while they use the app by improving the user experience

a brand

The logo is a combination of deer and an illustration, which ends up with a minimalistic design. Choosing the right typography and using a powerful color palette is the key to creating a unique brand identity.

The logo conveys the corporate identity that we put a lot of effort into.

The logo variation includes the icon size, different social media sizes, favicon, etc...

Having conducted in-depth research, we decided to use the “whyte” typography  with  shades of blue that reflect the business color.

Each component has been lovingly crafted

It took our team a long time and a lot of work to develop the identity, design the components, conduct user research, create information architecture, create personas, develop wireframes, and finally develop the final design.

It is crucial to include onboarding screens to make it easier for users to understand the app and navigate it.

In order to avoid boring authentication, we focused on keeping the process as simple and clear as possible.

The goal of the project was to create a simple, easy to-use UI, which gives a good experience.

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